avitene | ultrafoam | ultrawrap


Easy to handle

Accelerates the natural clotting process

Easy removal minimizes rebleeding

Available in a variety of precise delivery systems:



Preloaded applicators


Arterial bleeding

Heparinized patients

Patients with reduced platelet count

Avitene® is a 100% active collagen hemostat.  Unlike passive hemostats, Avitene® physiologically interacts with the body's own clotting mechanisms to stop bleeding. The result is a quick cessation of bleeding that is achieved more rapidly and more effectively than either Gelfoam® or Surgicel™. With its microfibrillar structure, Avitene® attracts and aggregates platelets, enhancing the clotting process. It needs only minimal preparation time because, unlike other agents. it does not require thrombin to enhance its efficacy. 


Syringe Avitene®


Avitene® flour in an easy-to-handle applicator

1 gram SyringeAvitene used in trauma, oncology, general and cardiovascular surgery

5 mm SyringeAvitene designed to apply Avitene non-woven web to hard to reach areas

Ideal for use in neuro and ENT surgery

Apply as little, or as much, as needed
to control bleeding


Only topical hemostat available in a delivery system
designed for use in all endoscopic procedures

5 mm and 10 mm diameters pass easily through
standard trocars and cannulae

Avoid thermal damage to tissue, primary
and adjacent structures

Avoid converting to emergency open procedures


Avitene® Sheets (Non-woven web)

Avitene® Flour

Avitene sheets provide the same efficacy
expected from Avitene flour

Cut to any shape or size

Clings tenaciously to hemorrhage

Remove with irrigation and suction, minimizing
 the need to leave foreign material in situ

Ideal for use on flat surfaces or to
wrap vessels and anastomosis sites


Only collagen hemostat indicated for all surgical
 procedures, including neurosurgery and urology

Effective in controlling arterial bleeding and in patients
with platelet counts as low as 20,000 per cubic millimeter

Conforms and adheres to irregular surfaces

Easy removal with irrigation and suction reduces
rebleeding and the need for multiple applications



The latest advance in foam hemostats from the makers of Avitene. Microfibrillar
collagen hemostat.

Full Range of Sizes

Handling Ease (Ready to Use)

Soft pliable sponge ready to use out of package

Little or no preparation required

Conforms easily to irregular anatomy


Reduce cost

Decrease thrombin usage

Avoid timely preparation


"Active" Collagen Hemostat
Collagen accelerates clot formation by enhancing platelet aggregation
and the release of proteins to form fibrin, resulting in hemostasis.

Reduce Thrombin Usage
Study results* prove Ultrafoam Collagen in its dry state is hemostatically:

superior to gelatin

as effective as gelatin with thrombin


As  a result, the addition of thrombin is not required to achieve effective hemostasis.

* Data on file at Davol Inc., Subsidiary of C.R. Bard. Inc.



The collagen fabric for fast hemostat action.

In an animal model, UltraWrap™ collagen fabric achieves hemostasis faster than oxidized regenerated cellulose.

  • Active, absorbable, 100% collagen

  • Soft, pliable fabric is easy to handle

  • Indicated for all surgical specialties, especially neuro and vascular surgery

  • Does not swell after application

  • No preparation or soaking require

  • Does not require thrombin